Searching for the Fountain of Youth (454 Views)
Posted by: Fairmount1 (IP Logged)
Date: March 05, 2023 01:05PM

The Thorograph Fountain of Youth Extravaganza the last few days was one to remember. Huge thanks to all the generosity, legwork, and handicapping that goes into such an event.

JB didn't make it as in past years so we had to go it alone on the hospitality front. No worries, we secured positions in the South Bar past the finish line. Luckily, our tables weren't roped off or bannered up like MyRaceHorse's phoney setup. Special shoutout to everyone who was able to tolerate and deal with Helen the bartender. If you look up the word "BattleAx" in the dictionary, there is a picture of Helen, a 74yo Brooklyn broad who couldn't say a kind thing to ya if her life depended on it. Gulfstream really should just name that bar BattleAx Station.

We also secured positions in Ten Palms as part of the TG package and in the paddock area. Attendees included but not limited to FrankD, richiebee, Uncle Bill, trackjohn, shanahan, mjellish, Ray, Johnny M, Silver Charm, bee's friend Bobby among others.

Some brief highlights of a weekend I'll never forget:

Trackjohn knocked down the late pick 5. Thought it was light but haven't run the numbers yet. $12k as we all cheered Forte home. Those curious, he played a very manageable ticket of $240.

Mjellish shared bits of handicapping acumen several times with me and made a winning weekend out of his bets. Thanks for the drinks as it was beyond appreciated as I'm sure the Bud Light's accounted for over half that bill yesterday. I won't share how he accidentally walked into the women's restroom much to his own shock LOLOL

One member of the crew shared he had been shot last May and I still want to hear whether he has the bullet in his possession or still in his body.

JohnnyM shared after a paddock trip that Pletcher would win and the 2 looked awesome and best. After the race ran 1-2 (Pletcher at 4-5 over 21-1), I asked how many times he had the exacta and he explained none. Lesson learned hopefully about betting that opinion you actually have of the race. Awesome local host to have and thanks for letting me hang out with your crew out near BattleAx Station for a while yesterday!

Dinner at Matteo's, YardHouse and even Steak N Shake where shanahan bragged on the virtues of your youth and the future of our country (Kids wearing two different shoes, Mickey mouse pajamas, hoodies when it is 80 degrees, etc). I'm certain he thinks the world is in trouble in the future and I can't disagree.

One member of the crew was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Beat up ribs, knot on his head and black eye but he will be fine I know.

Another member said that may have been his last Racetrack trip as he struggles with physical health.

Uncle Bill is making plans for Saratoga; he better not disappoint and is expected to be there or face consequences.

Much, much more for all that made it as they know. For those that didn't, you are missing out on all the real fun I didn't share. Next year will be even better I know it. But Saratoga awaits us next as a group. Hope all can make it!

I think all of us from the trip are searching for that Fountain of Youth. I'll have to go ponder on it while I jog several miles trying to figure out where we can find it.

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