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February 08, 2002 08:59PM
Ok first i will list the horses i'm tossing all together.

MONGOOSE-PLEASANT DIVORCE-KEATS-DUCKORNWACTH YOUR PENNIES-TRADITIONALLY and the only one of these i would save for the bottom half of a tri would be KEATS and PLEASANT DIVORCE.

Starting from the bottom working up.

8. FREE OF LOVE 15-1 I dont really care for the line but hes a good solid hitting horse.
7.HAL'S HOPE 10-1 again he might be backing up away from the 2.1 but hes been hitting hard of late.
6. RIZE 20-1 i would play him to run back to a 3-5 range which might get him small shares of this. Four week rest is not enough to pair that last number up.
5. KISS A NATIVE 8-1 toss that last turf race and you have a nice moving line on this horse, but only 5 weeks into this one off that top puts him in the 2-4 range.
4. RED BULLET 3-1 pops in that big new top two back ( seven weeks ago ) backs up a bit off that one really a hard read for me on RB,i'm putting him in the 0-2 range but at 3-1 maybe i could see higher than that hee hee.
3. BEST OF THE REST 6-1 i like his line hes had enough rest from that big top two races back, but the thing for me is was that just so big for him he might not be able to get back there. 2-3 range for him.
2. GRAEME HALL 4-1 ran three negative numbers in a row gets about 10 weeks rest in this one i still see him backing up in here thought. 1-2 range but the weights and odds i have to put him for 2nd best.
1. UBIQUITY 12-1 I've got this horse locked on to run that 2.1 again with weights a bit lower. i love this hosses line just has a nice solid feel to it. and at 12-1 its all good.
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The Donn (2834 Views)

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