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Re: Anyone discouraged? (1037 Views)

July 24, 2018 06:41PM
FrankD. Wrote:
> If you’re discouraged and think this meet has
> been random after 4 days?
> You should take your wife, girlfriend or both on
> vacation for the next 36.....
> It will be less expensive.
> The Spa meet is the ultimate marathon where
> ouchies with back numbers win, first time geldings
> (an extremely profitable angle) win off long
> layoffs, fast first time starters are held out to
> run here and everyone wants to win here......
> There have been 9 2yr old races TAP & Asmussen
> have won 6, the other 3 went to Casse & Chad.
> Hardly random.
> Chad has 5 wins on the grass out of 14 run I
> believe, no other trainer has more than 1.
> Surprise
> The top NY jocks with the exception of Geroux,
> Bravo & Santana have won just about every race.
> Shocking
> Chad is 4/9 in MDNCL a couple of them he had 2
> runners. He was 17/36 over the previous 3
> meets......
> Bad Student I will give you as impossible!
> Hayfield was one of four in the 1X field that had
> beaten winners, 2 of the other 3 filled out the
> super.
> Cape Angel won for Sharp who was 12/36 off 180
> plus day breaks in a field of cripples.
> It’s a long meet!!!
> TG is far and away the most powerful tool but for
> this meet you need a bit more help. Trainers are
> creatures of habit and history repeats itself at
> the Spaaaaaa
> Good luck,
> FD

You hope we've seen the worst of the near-term rain, after Thursday.

The backyard regulars have heard my approach-to-meet rant. I'm in no hurry. I've watched virtually of the races, but don't expect to set foot on the grounds prior to late Whitney week, and don't expect to start to hunker down until the following week. I've made a few plays, but haven't taken a meaningful swing, yet.

I made some hits LY, but lost virtually every meaningful photo on long-odds types through the heart of the meet. Don't expect that to happen, again.

It's amazing what kind of solid prices you can get on horses managed by sharp guys here, if you're patient and insist on value.

Looking forward.
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