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Re: NYRA Cutting Off Bots (565 Views)

August 20, 2021 03:13PM
What I have read is not that NYRA is going to do this, but that it has already happened and that late odds changes have been dampened as a result.

It's interesting that, from what I have seen, the mainstream racing press has not written about this. I don't know if it's because they've decided not to do so or because the tracks prefer to keep their relationships with the CRW teams quiet.
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rezlegal August 20, 2021 01:27AM

Re: NYRA Cutting Off Bots (565 Views)

BitPlayer August 20, 2021 03:13PM

Re: NYRA Cutting Off Bots (548 Views)

Boscar Obarra August 20, 2021 03:22PM

It is the tail wagging the dog (599 Views)

breakage1 August 21, 2021 05:48AM

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