August 21, 2021 05:48AM
This has little to nothing to do with inefficiencies in the pools. This will still take place regardless of whether bots are banned or not.

It is 99.99percent a reaction to the out of tote action.
It is a case of the tail wagging the dog.

As long as we have only one place to bet-into the exorbitant take out pools with laughable rebates and are playing vs the world-whom can bet into the pools (with higher rebates), bookies or more relevant for this topic-the low take out exchanges. This will continue to happen.

it does not take a bot to look and see an animal trading at 5/1 on the Asian exchange and see 10/1 in the tote and think hmmm...........

add in foreigners only bet in the US tote when the US tote is offering the bet price in the world insuring US players will never receive the best price in the world............and well. BOl with that.
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rezlegal August 20, 2021 01:27AM

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BitPlayer August 20, 2021 03:13PM

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Boscar Obarra August 20, 2021 03:22PM

It is the tail wagging the dog (598 Views)

breakage1 August 21, 2021 05:48AM

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