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August 24, 2021 01:21AM
A quick and dirty Alabama Weekend Rundown that doesn't include a fraction of the fun that actually happened.

Hurricane Fairmount rolled into town Thursday fearless of the rain and weather that scared away so many. richiebee and Rock were cool enough to check in on the Backyarders by phone. Topcat and trackjohn must not have handicapped the Fri/Sat weather as well as they should have as they missed a fantastic time.

The Race of the Weeek will soon be replaced by the Uncle Bill Podcast.*** Everyone in the backyard agreed after hearing all these podcasts with some real **stars** trying to make a buck, there is little to no doubt TG should get rich off the Backyard's most beloved figure. (asterisks denote strong irony)

Uncle Bill served himself a full bacon grease and egg sandwich with extra bacon and extra fatty sauce. He said the health factor was saved by his use of wheat bread instead of white . . . .

Frank and Jerry were never concerned about the weather like everyone else. Frank was able to find us a table for Saturday. Bob served as Uber driver for us Friday evening only to inform me Saturday morning he had moved hinmself to RETIRED status and that after hanging out with me after 17 Bud Lights and 3 shots between the Backyard and the Horseshoe, he also deserved a pension in retirement after his two night stint.

General consensus in the backyard about the future of the game is similar to most. Field Sizes are a joke nationwide. Many stakes races have been obliterated. Racing is not the same game as even 10 years ago. Not many opportunities to wager like days gone by and the sharp group I was with know that very well it seemed.

All that being said, no place I'd rather have been on Friday and Saturday. Saratoga trip with my friends up there makes my year. 2020 Sucked without it and I feel back on track after making it once again. Huge thanks to everyone up there for all the laughs, fun, hospitality and watching racing as it was meant to be from time to time. If you haven't made it to the Backyard on a Saturday to hang out and handicap with UB, Jerry, Bob, FrankD, Sean, Rocky, Donna, and on and on, you really should make it for a couple of races one time. If I'm there, I'll gladly share a few Bud Lights!

I can't wait to make it again next year and look forward to seeing everyone again. I know you will ALL make it! (A large group from New Hampshire and Kentucky that sits near us Alabama thru Travers week had a few unexpected deaths past year or two. Learning from them, it would behoove all of you to make it every time you can. Who has Ever said, I wish I hadn't went to the Backyard at Saratoga with those guys.... No ONE!)

**Final Note:** Uncle Bill's youtube channel will be a monster hit if it ever gets off the ground also!!! His first episode will focus on the Legends of Turf book he owns. He tells us that a certain number of horses he took care of most of their careers were Stars because of him only for those damn famous trainers and jocks from the old days to get all the copy and all the publicity. . . . .
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Backyard for Alabama '21 (889 Views)

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