February 09, 2002 09:35PM
If you can wait until I get back from vacation next Wed., and you haven't heard from Ian Meyers by then, I'll send you the info & web address he sent me, which will be a lot easier than trying to explain it here. The bottom line seems to be that Dahlman makes a good living on shoe changes, & Ian has done some preliminary & very interesting research on the subject, but other than that no one really knows much else. By the way, I assume you had Zito's 7-1 "caulks back on" winner in the 8th at GP today. Is it just me or has Zito really changed as much as it seems? He actually won with a firster today, which has been a safe bet against for as many years as I can remember.
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Joe Parise February 09, 2002 05:36PM

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Ian Meyers February 12, 2002 09:50PM

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