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Re: Turn Path & Medication (1275 Views)

February 12, 2002 07:44PM
Marc Kramer wrote:
> Her turn info for her 01/06 race is blank. What does that
> mean?
> Also, as part of your continuous improvements what is the
> chance for complete equipment changes - both on and off
> (e.g., BUTE off)and program numbers on the Thoro-Graph
> sheets? Thanks.

TG--Point 2--The only changes we can mark as such at the time of entry are the ones which come with the equibase file at time of entry--they only require trainers to note lasix and blinkers.

As for the blank turn info, here's the explanation. Several days after the 6th and 7th we found that we were missing results info for several races at various tracks around the country. Usually results info comes throughout the race day via the equibase feed. Before we discovered the missing info, we calculated the figures with the appropriate path info. When we received the missing data, we actually received the results file for the entire 2 days of racing. In our haste to fill in what was missing, we reloaded the entire results files for both days. Lo and behold we found out later that the reloads overwrote all added data that was not "locked". The final figures are locked but the turn path info is not. Needless to say, we learn from our mistakes and in the future we'll make sure that we only reload the info that we need.

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Marc Kramer February 12, 2002 12:41AM

Re: Turn Path & Medication (1275 Views)

tgab February 12, 2002 07:44PM

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