February 16, 2002 11:50PM
BOBS IMAGE--you could go either way on this one, the good is that he came back to his two year old top and now maybe he could run something big off of that 9.1 the bad is it is a top and hes a little slow for here.
FRENCH ASSAULT--This is my pick in here. i just lke the line and i see him running a 6.1 in here and at 9-2 which me might go up to 6-1 i like him.
WAR EMBLEM--dont like the line and hes slow.
SKY TERRACE--ok the good and bad about this one. Do we say the 3.3 is his top or his last out...sometimes if a top is on sprints i dont care for them too much. If the 3.3 is forreal his line looks great if not it still looks ok. I'm just having a hard time on this horse so i cant go with him.
SCREEN IDOL--too slow.
ITSALLINTHECHASE--big four point jump in last and only 2 weeks rest i'll past on this one.
REPENT--he looks very tough in here, nice line and very fast for these. he cant be tossed out in here.
EASYFROMTHEGITGO--i like his line and he could jump a few points more in here. But at 7-2 i cant key him.
WILLOWGATE--too slow.
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kevin s February 16, 2002 11:50PM

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