Combating a losing streak (2098 Views)

February 14, 2002 06:06PM
I have been on a losing streak for 2 years now. I was doing awesome from Jan 1999 up to September 2000 when I was making on the ponies more than $500 a week every week for about 20 months.
What bust it up? Well, I was at Belmont Park one day sitting in the 3rd floor grandstand (which was fairly empty since it was a Wednesday) when this approx. 70 year old guy comes over and sits right next to me. I was thinking why in the world would he sit next to me when the stands were empty? So he falls asleep and I can now hear him snoring. I was like "are you kidding me?"

Five minutes later, he was dead. Out cold. Right there next to me. Ever since then, this game has been nothing but a money losing curse.

I've tried everything. Changing my handicapping styles, spot playing, taking time off, betting small or big depending on the situation, different wagering patterns, different tracks, concentrating on certain wager types, percentage of bankroll plays, sticking to WPS bets. You name it, I've done it. This losing streak has stuck to me like white on rice.

What would you do or suggest in my case short of quitting the game? I've even tried that, but the game is in my blood. Taking racing out would be akin to taking the red out. But I'm not going to lie to you, this streak is eating me up and is by far the worst streak I've ever had in 20 years of playing.

Also, what have YOU done to try to end a losing streak?
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Combating a losing streak (2098 Views)

Tristan Zieley February 14, 2002 06:06PM

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Excitable Boy February 14, 2002 07:54PM

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JimP February 15, 2002 02:29AM

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fastspeed February 14, 2002 10:19PM

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Tim Greene February 15, 2002 04:06PM

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joep February 16, 2002 12:25PM

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Tristan Zieley February 16, 2002 09:56PM

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bdhsheets February 17, 2002 02:45PM

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