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curse cure (1368 Views)

February 17, 2002 02:45PM
First visit a voodoo princess in Haiti or New Orleans. Have her make you Ragozin, Friedman, Brown and Beyer dolls. Gather old DRF's, some old T-Graph and Ragozin sheets and some form of race track tip sheets (they must be bought not from the grandstand floor. Afterall, it's your bad luck that you're trying to get rid of!).

Make four equal piles in your tracks parking lot, one pile facing north, south, east and west, apply accelerant and ignite. Add one doll to each pyre to appease the Racing Gods!

Be sure to bring brats, dogs and marshmallows in case it doesn't work! ;-)


Bring along hotdogs, brats and marshmallows just in case it doesn't......... ;-)

May they all come home safely!

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