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Re: Losing streak (1296 Views)

February 16, 2002 09:56PM
To answer some statements:

>>>>>>>>>GA- and I don't mean Georgia
Might as well be Georgia. No tracks there. And I wouldn't purchase a rabbit's foot. I mean, it wasn't too lucky for the rabbit was it?

>>>>>>>>>>>If you bet by phone or internet - cancel these accounts..........your confidence is low and you may be placing bad bets

First, I would not wish to cancel my internet account simply because I do not want to pay NYCOTB a 6% surcharge on my winning wagers. Second, I prefer to play at home in comfort as opposed to an OTB office where bathing is simply an option amongst the patrons. Third, my Brisbet account keeps wagering records instantly which is a huge help. It has told me that within the past year, I have made a profit only on Win & Place bets, so lately that's what I'm sticking with. I have shown a loss on all other wager types. I do not have a strength on any specific types of race, but I am very weak on graded stakes which I avoid.
In regards to bad bets, I do not believe that I am making bad bets on a whole. True, I do make one or two every now and then, but they're kept to a minimum. Discipline isn't a problem. I can easily sit for 3-4 races without placing a bet.
Thank you "fastspeed" for your advice.

>>>>>>>>>>First check to see if the deceased is clutching a winning trifecta ticket

Checked already. All he had was $1.38, a K2 calculator, a stick of Juicy Fruit gum, and an old $2 show ticket from Bowie Race Course.
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